Top1mobi is the subsidiary of CCMG(Stock Code:6404.TW)
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Who We Are

Top1mobi, subordinated to the CCMG group (ticker 6404.TW) in Taiwan, is a high-yield VAS advertising platform.

Be as a advertiser,we have developed our own products covered in IN,ID,VN,ZA,MX etc.It will help you to get the highest payout and more revenue from our own offers.

We've developed a real-time advertising trading platform that delivers maximum exposure for advertisers and a simple, effective way for publishers to make money.

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Our Activities
Do you want a new mobile phone ?
Do you want to receive a latest Apple product ?
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Affiliate who reaches $50,000 monthly our team will reward you with an iPhone X !!!
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Wendy CEO

What We Offer
Serve up your ads across multiple channels and connect with your customers worldwide,all in automatic.
In-house products
We are promoting our own WAP subscription offers in IN VN ID TR MX NG BR ZA geos.
Gives you easy access to our best offers and highest ecpm, the industry's best tools to maximize your ROI & exceed your revenue goals.
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